Daytime's newest soap, Passions, premiered on July 12, 1999. Right from the beginning, this new show gained a loyal cult following with witchcraft and black magic subplots and perhaps the most prominent teen storyline on daytime television.


Main Titles

The entire opening visual sequence has a modified letterbox frame that shifts every now and then. Inside the frame is a series of filmed shots of old family photos from the 19th Century and New England buildings and locales. The clips are semi-layered and presented side-by-side for the most part, and there is crossfading and cutting in sync with each line of the theme song.

Here is some additional information about the opening and closing graphics of Passions:

The ending for Passions includes a panning visual of "Harmony", a helicopter flying over some town that we're to think is Harmony recording as they go along.  It's the same one, starts out over the docks with ships leaving port and flies over down over the residential area and to a mountanous region.

The credits are a center aligned scrolling white Ariel font, the same text (not color) as Days ending.  The theme music is an instrumental version of Breathe, the main title theme, only performed like the show's background music with wind instruments with guitar background.  The theme was arranged so that the theme would end when the credits ended, and not start at the beginning and fade out when the credits were done.  In 2001 the ending theme was changed slightly, toned down a bit.


When Passions first debuted, for it's first few months some episodes would not feature closing credits at all, some would simply show the Outpost Farm and NBC Studios logo when the episode was finished.  That was changed later on to a feature a standard short version of the credits which was used most often which had the writers, director of the day, the producer and a picture of the logo from the opening, only the signature is orange instead of blue like the opening's.


Theme Song

The theme song for Passions, "Breathe," was written by John Henry and Jane French, who sings it over the opening. It is an acoustic guitar-dominated song in D-major, and it features a panpipe countermelody that gives it an English folk tune flavor. More information about this song can be found by clicking here.

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