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Here are a few links to some sites you should check out.


This is a comprehensive page with links to lots of webpages devoted to nearly every soap, both past and present and daytime and nighttime.

Cancelled Soap Operas Message Board at

Soap Opera Central at

SoapNet—Access SoapNet at  

Soap Opera History—This website can be found at  

Soap City at

Telenovela World at

Classic Soap Operas Discussion Forum—This website can be found at the following new address:


The World of Soap Opera Themes is back!  You can find it at You can also visit the related message board at


Also, visit the following network daytime sites:

CBS Daytime at

NBC Daytime at

ABC Daytime at

As the World Turns Yahoo Tape Trading Group at

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Sound America:
This is a general television music site with theme songs from numerous daytime and primetime shows.

Themes OnLine:
This is yet another general television theme song site. It even includes some obscure past television themes. The new address is
This site lists lots of information about the theme music of early television programs from the 1940s through 1963.

Rick Rhodes Home Page--The address is

The Opening Credits Squad--A Yahoo! Club at
Unfortunately, this club seems to have disbanded as of March 2002.

Opening Credits Squad Megamix Homepage--The address for this new website is

The Television Title Card Showcase Page at This page shows a variety of opening and closing titles cards from all kinds of television shows.

Eric Hartman's Closing Logo Page has a new address as of May 30, 2002. You can find it at

80s TV Theme Supersite--The address is it at This has many of the same themes as Brian's World of Soap Opera Themes, ThemesOnline and the 80s TV Theme Supersite, but in the Windows Media Player format.

Official Guiding Light Music Site-- You may want to check out, which is the official site for information about Guiding Light’s music.

Network News Music—The address for this new website is—The address for this new website is

Southern Media’s News Music Search Archive—The address is

Film Music Society at

American Theatre Organ Society at

Score Productions at

Also, searching through the online databases of the following music rights societies helped me immensely in my research for this site:

ASCAP is at Also, visit ACE on the Web at

BMI at


I have just found a new Library of Congress Copyright Office search site.  The address is as follows:

A United States Patents and Trademarks Search site can be found at


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Filmation at

I’ve just found another Filmation fan page, Jim’s Unofficial Filmation Home Page, which is at

Toon Tracker at

TV Party at

TV's Greatest Hits at, which is the official website of Paul Browstein Productions, a distributor of past television musical/variety shows. The address is

Video Resources. The address is Check out the Television Archives section, which includes old daytime soap opera episodes.

Game Show Network website at

Game Shows '75, a tribute to game shows that aired on television in 1975, can be found at

Yesterdayland Presents Saturday Morning Supersite at

DeeT's 70s Page at

70s Live Action Kid Vid can be found at

The Susan Brown Fan Page--The address is

The City Webpage—The address is

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Page of Summers Past: Long Island's Lost Day Camps--As a Long Island, New York, resident, I felt a need for an unofficial history of Long Island's now-defunct summer day camps. Therefore, this is for you soap fans or other visitors who may have gone to or worked as a counselor at a Long Island day camp that is no longer in business.

My Long Island Memories and More-- In the coming months, I plan to include on that site Long Island High School football and basketball uniform histories, information about my picture-taking projects around Long Island, and unofficial histories of Long Island high school sports on television. I will also have a mini history of the now-defunct television station WSNL (Channel 67).

Queens of the Gridiron: the Women and Girls of Tackle Football--With a growing number of high school girls playing tackle football, the time has come for this web page. I also invite you to visit its companion site, Princesses of the Gridiron: the Girls of Tackle Football. Please note the new address:

I have changed the address of my Tape Trading Page. You can now find it at


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