Cable/Syndicated Daily Soap
Music Credits and Announcers

Scarlett Hill

Music by



Strange Paradise




High Hopes




Another Life: June 1, 1981 to Oct. 5, 1984

Music by Brent Havens

Announcer: Ross Bagley?


Young Lives: Summer 1981

Produced by Post/Newsweek

Music by Doug Dutton



The Catlins (TBS Superstation of Atlanta):

April 4, 1983 to May 31, 1985

Music by John Barbe

Announcer: a TBS staff announcer


Rituals (Lorimar/Telepictures):

Sept. 10, 1984 to Sept. 6, 1985

Music by Score Productions

Music Supervisors included Tom Wolfe and Jonathan Firstenberg


Tribes (FOX): Spring 1990

Music by D. C. Pelfrey and Rick Rhodes


Swans Crossing: Summer 1991

Music by

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